Month: April 2017


Must have Google Chrome extensions

1. 1Password As the name says, 1Password extension is password management software for the browser. 1Password makes easy to memorize the countless password. It can generate password, secure and remembers it for you. You can log in, enter credit card details and fill registration forms automatically with this.¬†Click to install. 2. ¬†Flash Video Downloader Flash …


Recover files deleted by Virus

So, your computer was infected by a virus. You used your antivirus software, scanned your entire computer and got rid of the virus. But later you discovered that some files have gone missing. Or your folder has been just converted into shortcut links and your portable devices like your mobile phones are unable to find …


Troubleshooting Adware troubles

Hi guys, web is full of unwanted programs, viruses , worms, adware and many more. Where viruses and worms are risk to security, adware can be annoying. And removing adware sometimes can also be frustrating as many antivirus programs ignores the adware(as its not a threat to security). I have experienced the same and had …